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Talk about inspirational!

on March 16, 2010

New Zealander Adam Hall won the gold medal today in the standup slalom at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games!

How awesome is this, to see a guy who was born with spina bifida but has skied since the age of six years old, achieve such a fantastic goal.  Even after crashing halfway down the course, he didn’t give up and got back on his ski to continue and complete the course, to see if he was still in with a shot at the top!

Sometimes I think we “able bodied” people, not even able bodied athletes, have a lot to learn from people who are seen to be disabled.  In fact, it’s probably WE who are the disabled ones, as we seem to take it all too much for granted and don’t have to “try hard” to get to where we want in life.

Worth thinking about anyway, I think …


3 responses to “Talk about inspirational!

  1. Carm says:

    I think you could be right there. We able body people do take things for granted what we have compared to those that are not able bodied. They keep going when they are down, while others tend to give up to easily of what they can’t get and do.

    Way to go for New Zealand to get gold in Vancouver’s Winter Paralympic games.

  2. Lucy says:

    I dont think that is always true, ‘able bodied’ people as you put it dont’t always get where/what they want without trying hard.

    Some disabled people really are a true inspiration tho 🙂 Well done to him on his medal

    • Jess says:

      I didn’t mean they don’t ALWAYS take it for granted – I meant that sometimes we take it for granted, and maybe don’t try as hard as we could 😉

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