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Friends to the End

on March 26, 2010

I got a really, really special surprise from one of my friends last week – she sent me the new Boyzone album in the post, along with an inspirational friendship book.  I have been really enjoying reading through some of the thoughts about what makes good friends and friendships, and came across this that I wanted to share with you:

What we look for and value in our friends are the very same qualities we are most proud of or wish were more evident in ourselves.

That got me thinking about those that I consider to be my friends, and also the kind of friend I am to others … for instance, one of the qualities I most appreciate in others is loyalty, and I guess that’s why I try to be loyal and dependable to my friends and family too!

So what do you value or look for in others?


2 responses to “Friends to the End

  1. Carm says:

    I’m the same as you in the value of loyalty, trust, dependability in family and friends. And I think communication is very important too.

  2. ljastar says:

    Loyalty and trust! Are two very important things to me 😀 x

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