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Film review

Ok, so I finally went to see “The Hurt Locker” last night, to see what all the Oscars fuss was about mainly.  But also because I had seen the trailer for the movie and thought that it actually looked like it was quite well done, with lots of cool camera angles and effects.

Hopefully I don’t put anyone off who wants to see the movie, who hasn’t yet, but for me, the trailer was about as good as the movie got sadly!

I wasn’t really expecting to be too blown away because I don’t particularly like “war” type movies at the best of times, but the story seemd to move extremely slowly, and jumped from one time to another quite abruptly sometimes also; the fact that it had quite bad language littered liberally throughout also did not endeer it to me much either 😦  I mean, I’m sure soldiers don’t have perfect language at the best of times, but these things can be over done, I feel.

And I was totally disappointed in the ending!  Ha ha – maybe I’m just too much of a girl, but I was left most unsatisfied by it all 😉

2 out of 5 stars for me!

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Small things

It’s funny how being unemployed makes you more appreciative of the small things in life, and the things we take so much for granted!
Like, my mum got given a shampoo and conditioner set for her birthday this week which she is not going to use, so she asked me if I wanted it instead! Small things like being able to afford simple groceries I reckon we sometimes take so much for granted! You don’t realise how expensive things like shampoo are, until you can’t afford to buy them!
Makes me want to resolve to appreciate the small blessings in my life a lot more 🙂

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