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Embarrassing moments

Well, I was going to write a CD review for the album I bought yesterday, but I left it in the car so I can’t refer to it 😉 Ha ha

So anyway, after tonight’s visit to a restaurant with my parents, brother in law and niece and nephew, I thought about other embarrassing restaurant moments that we may have had …

Tonight, I was sitting next to my 12 year old niece and the waitress kept on looking at me when she was asking her for her order! As if I was her mum or something – heh heh heh!

At least it wasn’t as bad as about fifteen years ago, when I went to a restaurant with my older brother and his wife, the waitress handed them their menus as we sat at the table, then turned to me and asked “And would you like to see the children’s menu?!”

What the …?!  :S

Anyway, do you have any embarrassing or funny restaurant moments to share?