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Book Review

Ok, if you want a really, really, really great book to read over the summer months (if you’re based in the southern hemisphere right now!), go and get John Grisham’s latest legal thriller, titled “The Confession.”
I had deliberately saved it (after buying it at the beginning of November) so that I could read it over my Christmas holiday break, but now I’m looking for another book to read … cause I read it in three days; it was just too hard to put down!
I don’t know how the man does it, but he somehow has a way of writing that keeps the reader enthralled in the story and wanting to turn over the next page to know what happens next … not to mention throws in various twists and turns, so you just can’t imagine what’s going to happen next!
I don’t want to give away any of the plot if you do happen to want to read the book for yourself, but the tagline on the cover says “An innocent man is days from execution. Only a guilty man can save him.” That should give you some idea as to what to expect anyway 😉
Happy holiday reading! 🙂

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