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Childhood memories

Sitting here at work, sipping on a bottle of “creaming soda” and the flavour just brought me right back to my childhood years and when I would be allowed to go out early on a Saturday morning (which usually meant about 6am!) on Dad’s refuse truck rounds and he would treat me to my favourite food and drink for the trip.  For some reason, I always chose creaming soda, although I don’t remember it being burgundy coloured like today’s one is!

Do you have any memories like that from growing up?  Do they bring back happy or painful memories and thoughts for you?  I guess in this case, it’s a happy memory cause it reminds me of spending one-on-one time with my Dad and feeling special cause he was letting me do something with just him (which being a middle child always felt like it was a rare occurance – haha!)

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What does my music say about me?

Ok, set my i-pod to ‘shuffle’ mode and write down the first ten songs … what do these ten songs say about me?  You decide!

  1. Do you believe in magic? By The Lovin’ Spoonful
  2. Don’t let me go, by Westlife
  3. This = Love, by The Script
  4. No Surprise, by Daughtry
  5. When I think of you, by Michael W Smith
  6. Crows & Locusts, by Brooke Fraser
  7. Just say so, by Brian McFadden
  8. Love crime, by Westlife
  9. How long with be too long, by Michael W Smith
  10. Hand of providence, by Michael W Smith

Happy new year!

Yeah, I know, it’s already February, but some of us are a bit slow with these things! Haha

I for one, anyway, am hoping this “new” year is a lot better than the last year and I can finally achieve some of the things I want to happen for me in my life.  My first goal is to find a place I can call my own (although I, of course, won’t be buying it so it won’t really be my own!) but there comes a time in a singleton’s life when one gets sick of “flatting” and just wants to be able to have their own place and own stuff around them.  Do you agree, or am I by myself in this want?!

I hope that anybody reading this also has the best year of their life so far, and 2011 is full of success, enjoyment and fun!