My corner of the oval

… thoughts from a Kiwi cricket fan

Fill in the blanks …

I am: sometimes serious, but mostly I am wanting to see the best for my friends and family.

The bravest think I’ve ever done: would have to be booking flights for my first ever trip across the world to England to stay with a friend who I’d only ever talked to online and on the phone before then! I still wonder how I made that trip, and enjoyed it so much when I’m so shy and terrified usually!

I feel prettiest when: I’m wearing a really nice new dress and I’m at a friend’s wedding or some other occasion.

Something that keeps me awake at night: Earthquakes! :S

My favourite meal is: Family chow mein! My mum makes it – it’s not your poshest dish, shall I say, but for some reason I just love the flavours of it 🙂

The way to my heart is: being kind and sincere and caring and treating me with respect.

I want to be: the best that I can be, doing what I am meant to be doing, at the right time I’m meant to be doing it!

I will tag this lovely girl , hoping she will fill in the blanks: Mandi 😉