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Put your i-pod on shuffle and make a list of the first 10 artists …

Let’s see how different our music tastes can be 😉

1. Plus One

2. Michael W Smith

3. U2

4. Lonestar

5. Coldplay

6. Westlife

7. Russell Watson

8. Grace Falls

9. Ronan Keating

10. Daughtry

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Ok, so following on from my challenge last week, I sent off an email to an old flatmate from about 8 years ago on the weekend, not really expecting that she would reply, let alone that her email address would still be current!
Anyway, Tuesday night and I get an email in my in box from the very same person!!! 🙂 It was so fantastic to catch up with what she’s been up to over the last few years, not least of which was getting married last year – yay!
So, it’s definitely paid off already for me, sending out mail in the hope of receiving in return 🙂
How are you doing with it? 😉

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It’s harder than it looks!

Okay, so on Friday I was setting myself a challenge to email one address from my contacts list each day …

Do you realise actually how hard it is to deliberately set aside time to sit down, pick a name, and figure out what you want to say to that person?

I guess that’s why it’s so easy NOT to do something like keep in touch with people … but I guess it also shows that if you can make the effort, it’s worth it 🙂

So, I’m going to keep making myself send out the love – I’ve already had one response which made my day 🙂

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Setting myself a challenge …

I find myself wondering these days, in a world of mobile phones, computers and the like, all with varying degrees of social networking capabilities, are we actually any more or less in touch with our friends and family?

I looked in my email in box this week and I haven’t received many emails from friends recently (except for one person and that’s only cause I pester her daily – hehe!) and I got to thinking that maybe I should be making more of an effort to keep in contact with friends as well as family and not just rely on those 140 word updates that flash across my computer or phone screen in moments of my life (that quite often I miss anyway cause I’m asleep and they’re in a different time zone!)

I’m setting myself a challenge to pick a name from my contacts list each day and send them an email, or maybe even a real letter in the post, just to say hi, how’s it going, what’s up, and just let them know I was thinking of them.  (I wonder if my inbox will get any more or less action as a result!)

Feel free to join me in my challenge … or just tell me I’m dreaming and wasting my time – ha ha!