My corner of the oval

… thoughts from a Kiwi cricket fan

Observations from a weekend

I detest winter … 

I’ve said it before, and it’s worth mentioning again 😉 … I really do not like the winter months, when everything is just damp and cold and miserable!  It is particularly miserable when you arrive home from being out on a Sunday evening, and discover that the power has been out in your area for the last two hours and you have no idea when it’ll be restored :S  Cue fumbling around by the light of my pen light on my key ring for candles and matches and something to hold them with – ha ha!  Even worse, was that it happened to be the night when an “antarctic” cold snap was working it’s way across the country and snow is expected to fall to sea-level tonight!  Cue trying to fill a hot water bottle with tap “hot” water to try and get warm!

Fortunately, the power has now been restored (hence why I can type this blog!) and after a cup of tea and REAL hot water bottle later, I can be warm again 🙂

I detest booing … 

Seriously, what is with the barbaric past time of booing the opposition whenever they do anything during a sporting fixture?!  I went to a rugby match the other night and every time the opposition goal-kicker would be lining up an attempt on goal, a certain section of the crowd in attendance would boo most unsportsmanlike 😦  I honestly don’t know who dreamt up this disrespectful way to behave but why do people do it?  Don’t both teams deserve the right to be treated in a like manner on the field of play?  I mean, after all, they are there for our “entertainment” and enjoyment anyway, so why should we be showing our displeasure towards them?  I feel quite sad, actually, that people can’t just treat people with equal respect and honour, in particular, on the sports field.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to one day go to a sports event and both teams, regardless of who you were supporting, who applauded and encouraged no matter what they did?  Or am I just naive and living in a bubble to think people could be so respectful?  :S