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Determined to be positive!

So, there’s four and a half hours left of 2011 so I guess it’s time we get all reflective, and think about the year that was!
For me, it seems 2011 was a year of ups and downs; the downs mostly seeming to get their way in bringing me down for the most part 😦
Things like devastating earthquakes (still continuing, I might add!) in Christchurch, as well as in Japan and other countries around the Pacific Ocean; on a personal note, being just a matter of metres away from a young man being viciously murdered in his own bed certainly made me feel a bit more wary about walking around those streets by myself, even in daylight hours!
I’m not quite sure if having snow to sea-level across the entire country for the first time in about fifty years is a positive or a negative memory 😉 Ha ha! It sure wasn’t all fun and games, trying to get to and from work that week!
I guess looking back at my diary of an “eventful” year, there were some bright notes to cling to and think of with a smile – three of my good friends gave birth to healthy babies over the year and at this point, all seem to be enjoying parenthood 🙂
On a personal note, moving into a new flat, where I don’t have to worry about taking too long in the bathroom cause it’s all mine, was another positive!
Also finally getting round to studying for and completing the theory test of my motorcycle learner’s licence was something to check off my “bucket list,” and donating blood for the first time was definitely a big deal for someone who faints at the sight of both needles AND blood!
And I can’t finish this note without a mention of my sporting “highs” for the year!
I’ll never forget walking out of the Basin Reserve with Brendon McCullum’s wife and children, and chuckling as she told young Riley off for taking a gulp of water and spitting it out on the ground! (Well, hey, he sees sportsmen doing it all the time – how is he supposed to know it’s wrong?!)
In a sporting sense, it was amazing to see the Basin Reserve packed to overflowing as Stephen Fleming called in his celebrity friends and rivals to raise money for the people of Christchurch, with the Fill the Basin event 🙂
Our Black Caps made it to the semi final stage of the cricket world cup this year, something I think most people will have already forgotten, and they ended the year off in brilliant style also by beating the Australians on their home turf for the first time in a test for 26 years!
Still with cricket, Stephen Fleming was again in action as he coached the Chennai Super Kings to their second successive IPL title!
In other sporting headlines, the Breakers basketball team won the ANBL tournament for the year; Shane van Gisbergen won his first V8 title in none other than the Hamilton street race; the country of New Zealand hosted, and subsequently won, the rugby world cup for this year also, and I was blessed to be able to go to one of the games live!
Looking back on this year, I think I have cause to be grateful for what I was blessed with over the last few months and the last few weeks have shown me that I have grown so much and I think I have the strength to face the new year head on and come out smiling on the other side! 🙂

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