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Interesting observation I made today …

on January 12, 2012

I had been much looking forward to the new TV series being made by NBC in the United States of “The Firm” – based on the film of the same time which was based on the John Grisham legal thriller.

I had the opportunity through the wonders of the internet to watch the premier episode of the series this week and, although at times it was a bit hard to follow through the first half of the episode, it increased pace and interest through the latter half and was actually quite a good watch.  I was left looking forward to the second episode to air!

Following that, I had the opportunity to watch the first episode of the second series of the BBC production of “Sherlock,” a a TV mini-series based on the well-known detective … and was left marvelling at the brilliance of the writers and the production team to be able to put together excellent actors and actresses, along with witty dialogue and an intriguing story … and somehow The Firm just paled in comparison!

I mean no offence to the Americans of course (this is someone who is addicted to the CBS-produced TV series “NCIS : Los Angeles”) but the British Broadcasting Corporation just always seems to be able to “win” when it comes to amazing TV and films!

I definitely can’t wait for the next episode of Sherlock!

Oh and PS watching a show online, i.e., not downloading it and watching it, doesn’t constitute file sharing 😉


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