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Reminiscing …

on January 13, 2012

So I went for a drive this morning and found the old driveway up to my first school from when I was five years old!

Where's the cattle stop?

Of course, when we would trudge up the steep path to the school house, it wasn’t quite this overgrown … and I recall there being a cattle-stop at the bottom, as well as the top which is quite humorous considering the residential area that has built up around the old school!

I could’ve actually driven up the driveway but preferred to retrace my steps and walk up, thinking of those tired little five year old legs that would’ve had to make the trek before!  The driveway opened into a field, which I thought I remembered as a playground but maybe it was always grass …

Smaller than I remembered!

And I do remember there being an awesome playhouse/climbing thing near to where that Pohoutukawa tree is in full flower!

Anyway, I do recall playing games of “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?” down by the fence to the left that lead down to the bottom field …

Turning around, I was suddenly struck that the school house was TINY!!!  I mean, really?  A class full of five year olds were taught in here?

We had school here?

Ah well, I guess things always look bigger when you’re half the height!  I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a garage door in the side of the building either!  I do recall being so short my school uniform practically dragged on the ground too – ha ha!

Do you have any memories of your childhood that you remember fondly … or maybe not so fondly? 😉


2 responses to “Reminiscing …

  1. Carm says:

    Well I do have a memory of one of the primary school I went too. There will be always be a couple of teachers that will come up with some kind of stories to scare the kids. Well there is one that I know two teachers have told that I have had. There were two buildings for the kids to attend classed. The new building which is made of brick and the old building that is made out of wood. Well I had my glass rooms in the old wooden building and a story was told that a witch lived in the attic of the school and will come out if kids were bad. Well let’s just say the story worked and scared the heck out of us kids. Especially when the teacher took us to walk around the area leaving up to the attic. Because of the story about the witch it was one time near Halloween and I was in grade 2 and two strangers dressed up in witch costumes came into our classroom. Well needless to say that all the kids freaked out. Two ran into the cloak room the rest ran behind the substitute teacher. I was so scared that I couldn’t leave my desk and just put my head down. I was paralyzed with fear. I think one of them even touched me and the I wouldn’t look up from where my head was down. Well soon these two people left and later on an announcement was made that two strangers buster into the classroom and it was not anything planned. It wasn’t until I changed schools because we moved to a new house that I realized that it was just a story the teachers made up to scare us students to behave in class. I was very jumpy after that about people dressed up as a witch when I was attending that school before I moved. I guess you can say it’s a found memory now, but at the time not so much. lol

  2. Jess says:

    That is SO cruel to do such a thing to young, innocent minds like that! Those teachers definitely should’ve known better, I reckon *not impressed*
    Reminds me of the Christmas concert we had at the end of my first year of school (again, group of five year olds, remember?!) and they were telling us the story of the Dutch representative for Santa (can’t remember what they called him now) but the tradition was that you’d leave your clogs outside the front door and he would come over night and fill them with treats and presents. Well, we re-enacted that for the concert, except the the guy who was dressing up as the “Santa” had these black gloves on and as well as filling the clogs with sweets, he put his hand round the side of the door! Talk about nightmares and freaking out the kids! I don’t think I could sleep for a week after that – all I could see was this big black hand coming to grab me! So not a good memory of my first year of primary school – heh heh!

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