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Peace amidst the chaos!


Since it was such a fine Autumn afternoon in Wellington today, I decided to go for a bit of a wander through the Lady Mackenzie Garden for the Blind in Hobson Street.

This peaceful oasis amidst the chaos of the CBD only a few blocks away is a haven of tranquillity where people can wander, sit or enjoy the children’s playground off to one side.

With the busy motorway inbound into the city just over the fence, you wouldn’t believe that it could be such a pleasant place to sit and enjoy nature:



As well as gardens planted with colourful blooms, there are several places to sit, in relative privacy, and read or write or do what you like to do on a still, sunny afternoon!

An interesting fact that I didn’t know before I wandered into the park this afternoon was that it was formerly the site of Fitzherbert Terrace School which was founded in 1878, until it was relocated in 1926 and moved to the suburb of Karori, as the new Samuel Marsden Collegiate School.

And in a street of foreign embassies and high commissions, this garden really is a fantastic place to visit if you ever get the chance – it would be the perfect place for a picnic too!


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Finito! Time to par-tay!

So, I finished my 30 Day Photo Challenge through Twitter … found it quite fun, so I thought I’d try the 30 Day TV Shows Challenge next …

Day one was a nice and easy tweet to post:  “Your favourite show.”

Well, anyone who follows me on Twitter will obviously know the answer to this one without me having to even say anything … so I’ll just post a picture instead:

Somehow this show just has everything that I enjoy in a TV show … and I don’t really watch too much TV these days as a rule, simply because there’s nothing decent on to watch (in my opinion, of course; you may have other ideas!)

Anyway, the show is in it’s third season now and just keeps getting better and better with each episode!

I think the producers have been blessed with a few brilliant script writers, who as well as writing fantastic stories each week, have the ability to write amazing dialogue and banter between the characters also!  That’s another reason I love the show – the characters, and the actors who play them, just seem to be so “real” and approachable.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of enjoying an NCIS:Los Angeles episode, I suggest you tune in one week and just see if you haven’t at least smiled once by the end of the episode!  🙂

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