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Finito! Time to par-tay!

on March 5, 2012

So, I finished my 30 Day Photo Challenge through Twitter … found it quite fun, so I thought I’d try the 30 Day TV Shows Challenge next …

Day one was a nice and easy tweet to post:  “Your favourite show.”

Well, anyone who follows me on Twitter will obviously know the answer to this one without me having to even say anything … so I’ll just post a picture instead:

Somehow this show just has everything that I enjoy in a TV show … and I don’t really watch too much TV these days as a rule, simply because there’s nothing decent on to watch (in my opinion, of course; you may have other ideas!)

Anyway, the show is in it’s third season now and just keeps getting better and better with each episode!

I think the producers have been blessed with a few brilliant script writers, who as well as writing fantastic stories each week, have the ability to write amazing dialogue and banter between the characters also!  That’s another reason I love the show – the characters, and the actors who play them, just seem to be so “real” and approachable.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of enjoying an NCIS:Los Angeles episode, I suggest you tune in one week and just see if you haven’t at least smiled once by the end of the episode!  🙂


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