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Thoughts on Titanic …

In 3D that is!

So I was kind of looking forward to checking out the “new and improved” Titanic film last night in all of it’s three dimensional glory …

Left the cinema three hours later, feeling a bit underwhelmed actually 😦

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the film, and the storylines woven into this tragic event in world history, I guess it just proved (to me, anyway) that if you’re going to make something 3D, it’s better to film it in this process from the start!

There were glimpses of just how impressive the film could’ve been if it had had the technology available right from the beginning, like for example when Mr Hockley was chasing the hero and heroine down the majestic staircase with a gun:

But for me, these moments were few and far between, sadly.

Epic moments in the film, such as Jack’s “I’m the king of the world!” moment:

Or the now classic “I’m flying!” moment:

felt like if they had had the technology properly available to film initially, could have been amazingly powerful on screen.

So although still fascinated by the story of Titanic, and still haunted by the screams of the dying that the film left echoing in my ears, I was left thinking that, for me personally, it hadn’t been worth trying to “re-do” such a film in 3D!

I don’t know, you may have loved it – I’d be interested to read your thoughts on Titanic in 3D if you have seen it yet, or are planning to see it 🙂

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