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Memories of a Westlife fan …

Okay, so in case you’re reading this blog post and you’re not aware yet that Westlife is one of my favourite bands in the music scene, this June the 23rd is actually going to be the last time the group will ever perform either live or in a recording studio together (There, I said it – kind of feels weird seeing that written down in black and white, as it were).

I just thought I’d take this moment away from my usual witty, informative and fascinating blog posts (heh heh!) to think about what this band has meant to my life over the last 14 years … yes, that’s right folks; Westlife, believe it or not, have been “boybanding” (I made a new word!) for 14 years!  Kind of fitting really, as it goes nicely alongside the 14 number one singles the band has had in the UK music charts over the years!

Anyway, aside from the music of course, which I have always found to be uplifting, encouraging, cheerful and inspiring (sometimes all at the same time!), I have had many happy memories over the past few years, seeing new places and meeting new people, and I have a shared love of a music group to thank for it!

I’ll never forget my first Westlife concert, when they finally decided that the South Pacific was actually quite a fun place to be and so the young men brought their 2007 “Love Tour” to Australia!  As well as being the first time in this magnificent city, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Victoria for the first time, as well as the rest of the Aussie Westlife Force:

Skip forward only a year, and this time Westlife decided that New Zealand deserved to hear them sing live also and I was blessed to have a second row vantage point for their show in my own home town:


Another unforgettable night!

And I know it sounds incredibly reckless and silly, but given that it was the 10 year anniversary celebration of the band being together, I decided it was high time I visited with friends (who also shared a love of Westlife!) in the United Kingdom, and managed to coincide it with a visit to the Emerald Isle for a sold-out, 85,000 capacity, Croke Park stadium gig in Dublin!

I still pinch myself that I spent a weekend, just strolling through the cobbled streets of Dublin (somewhere I’d dreamed of visiting for years!) and the weather was perfect too, for the record – beforehand, everyone told me that it always rains in Ireland and so my chances weren’t high for a fine time 😉

I now have a new favourite place to just sit and enjoy the sun and take a moment at St Stephen’s Green also – wish it wasn’t so far, so I could just pop across each weekend! Ha ha!

Of course, this has only just whetted my appetite for the need to see more of my ancestors country, not to mention, their neighbours in Scotland, and so hopefully one day, I can add that to the list of memories brought on, in part or in full, by a band named Westlife!


Thanks again Westlife (Kian, Nicky, Shane, Mark and Brian) for 14 fabulous years of fun, friendship and lots of craic along the way!

And of course, thanks to all the friends I have met along the way – who have enriched my life, and brightened my days and made me the person that I am today!

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Book Review: The Legacy of Hartlepool Hall

Well, the moral of the story would seem to be:

“… that comfortable surroundings … and all the things that went with that, don’t tend to produce happiness or fulfilment without some sense of love to go with them.”

I actually ended up really enjoying this story; I found the first few chapters a bit difficult to get through, however, but once I got to know the characters, I found myself wanting to read more and more to find out what became of them in the end!

If you enjoyed Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, I think you’ll enjoy this book also; in fact, I think I enjoyed this book MORE as it was written more as a story, rather than the letters, emails and memos of Salmon Fishing.

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