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Sixpence for your thoughts?

on September 8, 2012

Last month, I had a strange prompting in the back of my mind … well, it was more like the front of my mind, really … to have a search on Facebook to see if the band known as Sixpence None the Richer had been up to anything recently.

The last I remember hearing anything from their direction was lead singer, Leigh Nash, and guitarist/songwriter, Matt Slocum, undertaking a bit of solo stuff for a while, so imagine my delight when I read:  “Sixpence None The Richer has a new album, Lost in Transition.  And it had been released just a week earlier on 7 August this year!  There are some things not having an income won’t stop and I will always be able to find a few spare dollars to buy a favourite artist’s music 🙂

I haven’t been disappointed either … I can’t even decide which track on the album is a “favourite” either; they are all uniquely amazing and musically fantastic to listen to … from the relaxed tones of Failure, to the upbeat and uplifting sound of Give it Back (not least because Matt Slocum plays some great guitar through the tune!) … to the positive vibe of the Be OK … all 13 tracks feel just like the Sixpence of old, and yet, there is something extra from the last time I heard anything from this group back in 2002 (Divine Discontent).

If you’re a fan of a slightly different pop music sound, or just want to enjoy a great record, give Lost in Transition a listen and let it “take you where you want to go” (as the lead song on the album, My Dear Machine, encourages us to do!


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