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Blog Challenge: Day 6

on September 29, 2012

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

Hmm, tough question … mainly cause I’m not really a “super hero” type of person …  

Does MacGyver count?!  😉  Heh heh!

No?  Okay then, if I have to choose a rubber-suited hero, my favourite super hero is Robin 😉  And not just because Chris O’Donnell acted the part in one or two films either 😉

I liked Robin back when the original TV series was screening – I think it was cause Batman was the main character and usually bossed Robin about, so I felt empathy for him … and he usually came up with the solution to problems too – ha ha – just to put Batman’s nose out of joint!  😉

Couldn’t resist posting this sorry 😉


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