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*raises bat*

on October 28, 2012

To use a cricketing illustration, I brought up my century this week …

I’m now sitting on 101* (that symbol indicates “not out” to non-cricketing readers) in the specific job applications sent out category!

And “not out” in this case could indicate “no success so far” also 😦

101* of course doesn’t include all the CVs and “applications” I’ve sent through to the recruitment agencies, begging them to help me find full-time employment, either …  

I now have a nice stack of business cards from Recruitment Consultants on my desk at home, all with varying degrees of helpfulness and success in locating job vacancies to put my CV forward for.

My run tally also includes 11 boundaries, you’ll be pleased to know 😉

Boundaries in this case being face-to-face interviews with prospective future employers 🙂

Unfortunately, none of these “boundaries” yet have led to any offer being made for a permanent job 😦

I’m starting to cramp up and feel discouraged at the length of my innings and the fact that I have yet to see any success of any kind …   I need the team water boy to come on with a rehydrating drink, fresh gloves, and a few words of encouragement and wisdom for me 😉

(Yep, that’s about how I feel right now – heh heh!)


2 responses to “*raises bat*

  1. Emma says:

    A few more runs and I’m sure you will have a match-winning innings! 🙂

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