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Lunch with the Firebirds

on November 7, 2012

Well, I wouldn’t exactly say it was lunch … because pizza isn’t my food of choice, and I certainly didn’t feel like seeing if I could eat a pizza the fastest!  Ha ha!  Needless to say, there was blood, sweat and tears involved … literally!  One of the contestants was crying after eating a “roulette” slice of her Hell Pizza … and another contestant’s nose was bleeding come the end of the race!

I’m not actually sure there was too much sweat involved, actually, particularly as it was quite a cool Spring day at Midland Park in Wellington.

Nice timing, Jeets – look directly at the camera, why don’t you?! 🙂

Cool, but at least it was sunny and Australian imports Shaun Tait and Cameron Borgas can at least say they’ve now experienced a Wellington southerly … even if they didn’t get to experience the howling wind gales and sideways rain!

Ok, Shaun’s quite tall … or maybe I’m just a hobbit!

It’s funny – I always feel all shy and self-conscious going up and talking to random strange men, all because they happen to play cricket and represent my city … or my country, in the case of the Black Caps … but I have to say, all the Firebirds squad members that I had the nerve to say hello to, were incredibly nice and polite and didn’t mind random strangers walking up to them and asking for photos, or just randomly joining their conversation groups!

And say what you like about Australians, I found nothing to hate about the couple I met today 😉

Friendly Aussies!

PS Don’t worry Andy, I won’t let on to anyone that you’re scared of facing Shaun in the nets … oops!  😉

MacGyver and me!

Thanks have to go to the DJs from 91ZM who acted as mc’s / referees / judges and general telling everyone what to do people … along with the sponsorship from HRV and Hell Pizza obviously, for helping to put together a good afternoon where Wellington could meet the Firebirds!

And I even got a few freebies to take home too:

I’m actually really looking forward to a fantastic game of T20 cricket on Friday night, when the Firebirds take on the Canterbury Wizards at the Stadium … not least because I’m hopeful that a lot of people decide to make the most of what will be a fine night in the Capital and get down to the ground to support our team … but also because of the exciting and immensely talented cricketers that are going to be hopefully putting on a good game as well!

I mean, aside from the fabulous skills on display in the Wellington team … Canterbury can not be written off either, with the likes of Dean Brownlie, Hamish Bennett and Ryan ten Doeschate, to name but a few!

It’s going to be a fantastic night – so if you haven’t got plans for Friday night yet, get down to the Stadium for a 7.00pm start!

the Big 3!


One response to “Lunch with the Firebirds

  1. callindobhair says:

    I haven’t got plans for friday night but it’s too far of a commute after work 😉 glad you had fun though and managed in part at least to overcome your shyness. 🙂
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