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So, what I SHOULD have said was …

on November 16, 2012

Have you ever been in a situation where you just have to answer, pretty much without thinking about what you were saying, and then afterwards think to yourself, “Oh, I so should have said that instead?”

Happened to me yesterday, in fact …

I get this message from radio announcer, Steve Joll, from our local radio station, The Breeze, asking if I’m available to have a chat later in the week about the Hell Wellington Firebirds and being a fan of cricket.

Now, if anyone actually knows me in person, you’ll know that I’m horrendously shy and absolutely do not like being the centre of attention at all … which is why I love cricket so much; you can just sit in the stands or terraces and enjoy the game without having to draw attention to yourself.  So naturally, I was apprehensive about anything like talking to someone particularly on the radio waves and making people notice me even more.

I tentatively agreed and waited to hear back as to when Steve would call me up to chat about cricket on the radio.

Not expecting that he would ask me to meet him at the hallowed Basin Reserve, on a morning that the Hell Wellington Firebirds were having a training session, at all!  Of course, it was a good opportunity to also see how the grass was growing after the resurface and drainage project had been completed at my favourite cricket ground:

Artistic panorama of the Basin Reserve

(It’s definitely looking great by the way, and we’re all looking forward to being back for a Boxing Day HRV Cup match against the Central Stags later next month).

Anyway, after marvelling at just how crisply Jesse Ryder was hitting the cricket ball in a net session, let alone in a match, I met up with Steve, who had a chat and then we rounded a corner and Grant Elliott, captain of the Hell Wellington Firebirds, was waiting for us!  And what’s more, he gave me a replica HRV Cup playing shirt!!

Chat with Grant Elliott

Thankfully, Steve very nicely edited the whole encounter and the only part that’s really embarrassing is how bad I sound on a recording! Ha ha!

Oh, and lying awake all night that night, going over in my head exactly what I should have said and didn’t!

Like, I really wanted to say that actually my current favourite player is Andy McKay for the Hell Wellington Firebirds.  I mean, apart from being a really, really good bowler, anyone who dresses up as The Stig for last year’s Fill the Basin …

The Stig lends a hand for Fill the Basin 2011

and whose walk-out theme song for whenever he’s required to bat for the team is the theme from MacGyver, definitely deserves my respect!

And I really wanted to say THANK YOU to Steve and Cricket Wellington, Kirsty in particular, for organising the whole thing and being so generous – it’s going to be a fabulous summer of cricket, which this fan is very much looking forward to enjoying as much as possible of it!

So, meanwhile, down at Westpac Stadium, the Hell Wellington Firebirds’ opponents this week were the defending champions, just back from the Champions League competition in South Africa, Auckland Aces … and just quietly, the way these Aces are playing at the minute, they are the team to beat in the HRV Cup this season!

A windy, but good night of cricket in the Capital!

Donning my newly-acquired supporters’ top, my friend and I settled into our seats with another, albeit on the small side, good-natured crowd to enjoy the Friday night cricket action.  The Hell Wellington Firebirds’ innings started out so promisingly, Jesse Ryder smashing the first two balls faced to the boundary for 4s.  But that’s when the champion side of the Aces showed and slowly but surely, they chipped away at the batting line-up … a few times helped by some rather interesting calls from the umpiring team … leaving a gallant Cameron Borgas to score 50 off 43 balls, but not gaining the support from his teammates to achieve the total they wanted (and yes, we did get the chance to hear MacGyver too, sadly … well, only sad because Andy McKay should never need to bat in a 20 over match; the top order should be doing the job instead of him!)

Chasing 117 to win, Lou Vincent (and it is great to see him batting again in New Zealand, just as an aside!) went on the offensive and hit 14 runs off Shaun Tait’s first over, scoring 45 runs himself before succumbing to the pace of Tait towards the end of the innings.  But by this time, the result was never in doubt and the Aces cruised to victory with 2.5 overs to spare.

Definite highlights of the game were Colin Munro smoking a ball from Scott Kuggeleijn literally out of the Stadium!  I don’t know how far he hit that ball, but it’s definitely in the running for biggest 6 at the ground so far!

Also a highlight for me was seeing Shaun Tait bowling, particularly when he demolished Lou Vincent’s stumps towards the end of the innings!   Thanks for making the trip across the Tasman, Shaun (and Cameron) – two Aussies I don’t mind cheering for from now on, definitely!


6 responses to “So, what I SHOULD have said was …

  1. Josh says:

    Great blog Jess. You have no idea who I am but I enjoy reading your HRV cup updates. Living in Korea, i don’t get to catch up on the cricket action. Keep them coming and good luck with the continued job hunting. Josh.

    • Jess says:

      Josh, thank you so much for leaving me a comment – you have no idea how much it means; you write things like blogs and have no idea if anyone’s even reading them, let alone WANTING to read them. Thank you for that! And hopefully I can keep up with the standards and regularity to give you a cricket fix!

  2. Sillymidoff says:

    Great work Jess! Love hearing stories from other fans round the country. I have total envy that you scored a FireBirds shirt too! Keep on enjoying the HRV, keep smiling!

  3. Aotearoaxi says:

    This is a great read – I really enjoyed it. Good on you for going through with the radio piece, it sounds like a fantastic opportunity, though a little nerve racking. Comfort yourself that at least they edited yours – I was a guest of a regional MoreFM show a couple of weeks ago and they put me on live as their first guest. It was a fun 15 minutes but like you I spent the evening prior thinking about what I’d say.

    Keep up the great work with the blog!

    • Jess says:

      In some ways, I’m so glad I wasn’t “live” on the air – who knows what I would’ve come out with?! Ha ha
      Thanks for reading and sharing too, by the way 🙂

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