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A picture says a thousand words!

on November 30, 2012

So, I really don’t need to say anything with this kind of photo …

A winning team is a happy team!

In case you missed it … and I don’t see how that could happen if you know anything about me, or have listened to the news at all today … the New Zealand cricket team BEAT Sri Lanka in the second test in Colombo, Sri Lanka overnight!

Well, not only did they beat them … in my opinion, they completely outplayed the hosts on all five days of the second test match in what I would dare to say was a complete team performance!

To start with, there was a vast improvement in the batting of the first innings for New Zealand.  There were a couple of blips on the scorecard – what test would be without them? – but when you have two or three players step up and bat responsibly and with patience to score record-breaking centuries and half centuries *cough* Ross Taylor, Kane Williamson, Daniel Flynn … this is always going to set the rest of the game up positively for the rest of the side to take control.

I don’t think I can say enough about the New Zealand bowling attack at the moment either … especially when you consider players like Daniel Vettori and Chris Martin, who have bowled superbly for New Zealand in past tests and years, weren’t even in the playing squad, and in Vettori’s place, weren’t even in the country!

Seeing bowlers like Tim Southee, who has been dropped from the team, not to mention the touring squad, more than once this calendar year, come back and bowl with such intelligence and skill, backed up by Trent Boult, who I reckon is the true hero of this bowling line-up for this match, bowling tirelessly and accurately, and Doug Bracewell, improving his line and length with every game, out-think the Sri Lankan batsmen not once, but twice, in the match, is immensely pleasing for fans of the game, and of the team!

And in case you’re thinking the Sri Lankans are a team of bunnies who were easy to dismiss, just take a look at some of their players’ statistics:  Sri Lankan Test Squad

And the batting and bowling efforts of our team were MORE than ably backed up by some sensational fielding displays from the likes of Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson!

All that’s left for me to say is … THANK YOU for rewarding our faith, belief and continued putting up with negativity from the media and fans who only seem to want to support when the going is good 😉 … THANK YOU Black Caps and well done on a stunning team effort!

The hard work isn’t over, of course, and I think the team will know this 😉 … It’s only a short break before heading across to South Africa, where hopefully with the proper warm-ups and training and practice, we can see more records tumbling and more winning smiles from our captain and his team …

(photo courtesy of Martin Guptill)

But for now it’s THANKS and a very Merry Christmas to our Black Caps … and their loyal supporters!  🙂

Sri Lanka v New Zealand test match scorecard from Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 2012


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