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Book Review: Love You

on December 10, 2012

Kim Crossman - Love YouLove You
By Kimberley Crossman 

Even though this book has clearly been written aimed at younger women, i.e., teenage years through to early 20s I would say, it is still full of positive information and advice for helping ANY one in how to live their lives to the fullest!

I think my favourite chapter was the one about friendships, possibly because I like being a friend to people myself and value the friendships I have made over the years. As the quote Kimberley gives in the chapter goes, from Zara Cormack:

“A  true friend is someone you can lose touch with for weeks but when you call them your bond and love for each other is equal if not stronger than before. Encourage your friends to be the best they can be, support their dreams and be honest with them and then you both will grow.”

I also loved the way Kimberley waited till the last page of the book to thank a few people for helping with the book, and also, through her life to make her the woman she is today. Usually these “dedications” can be found on one of the front pages of a book – I liked turning to the last page and finishing with a note of thanks and gratefulness.

I also loved, of course, the fact that I had the opportunity to meet Kimberley herself recently, when I bought the book and she signed the front page of my book for me as well! And the fact that she took a couple of minutes to chat and say hello properly and have photographs with each of us, made a real difference – so often at book signings, the customer is just passed along a line and the book’s author doesn’t really know who is who; it was a blessing to meet Kimberley that day!


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