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The wait is over!

on February 9, 2013

As the teams begin their warm ups …

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)Steven Finn, Stuart Broad and Luke Wright chat with Andre Adams at Eden Park

Steven Finn, Stuart Broad and Luke Wright chat with Andre Adams at Eden Park (photo courtesy of Getty Images)

… and the uniforms are handed out …

(Photo courtesy of Ross Taylor)

(Photo courtesy of Ross Taylor)

I suddenly felt a surge of excitement yesterday as I realised this English cricket team’s tour, that I have been waiting months to commence, was actually just around the corner!

I don’t know what makes a cricket tour by the English such an exciting event … is it something to do with the traditional “home of cricket” notion that the team from the British Isles bring?

Or maybe it’s cause I am a sucker for accents, particularly Irish and English accents?  😉

Or maybe it’s cause the English fans are so … well, fanatical, and passionate, and supportive of their side?

Or maybe it’s because for the first time I actually have access to Sky Sport’s TV coverage and the use of a LARGE screen television in my own home and will be able to enjoy the sporting action from the comfort of my own couch 😉

Or maybe it’s because I admire the way the English team play their cricket and love being able to have the opportunity to see them playing the game on our home turf, because it gives me the chance to see at least two of the games live and in the flesh 🙂

Whatever the reason, for some reason, I have been finding myself desperately praying to the weather gods (or God, whichever you prefer! 😉 ) to bless us with fine, and uninterrupted days of beautiful cricketing weather, so that as cricket fans we can enjoy the T20, One-Day, and Test match series and the cricketing skills that will be on offer throughout the next six or seven weeks!

Like Stuart Broad says near the end of this video, “the sun always shines!”  😉

I am not even too concerned with the results of the three series … although, as a fanatical New Zealand Cricket supporter, I will of course be hoping that the boys in their new ANZ-sponsored uniforms will be able to work together as a team, and show the fighting Kiwi spirit we all know and love and applaud, and come out on the victorious side of the ledger at the end of the tour!

I can’t WAIT for the first ball to be bowled in the T20 match at Eden Park, Auckland tonight at 7.00pm … even though I’ll only be watching this particularly game from the aforementioned couch 😉

And I wish all concerned in the series, but particularly our NZ lads, the very best of success, safety and good sportsmanship to bring us, what promises to be a fantastic cricket tour!

Is anyone else as excited for this tour to start as I am?!!  😉

(photo courtesy of, Boulty jumping for joy about the tour, anyway ...)  ;)

Well, Boulty’s jumping for joy about the tour, anyway …) (Photo courtesy of


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