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My test cricket holiday!

on March 14, 2013

It’s March in New Zealand, and that means … a test cricket tour!
And this year’s tour is by the highly-ranked and rated England team!
I think I had decided pretty soon after the tour schedule for the summer was announced, that I would be attending the Basin Reserve test match, no matter what it took (took about 30 seconds, if I’m honest – heh heh!) There’s just something about taking on the English in one of the best test cricket grounds in the country that is so much more worthwhile seeing “live” and not on a TV screen!

The Basin Reserve looking amazing, in readiness for the first day's play

The Basin Reserve looking amazing, in readiness for the first day’s play

High (and low!) lights from Day One action:

– Getting to the ground half an hour before the gates were scheduled to open and being fourth in the queue that was already forming … to discover, at 9.00 when the gates were scheduled to open, that the ticketing people hadn’t arrived in time and they couldn’t let us through, so we had to run around to the other side of the Basin Reserve to get in at the gates there; needless to say, we weren’t front of the queue when we got there 😦 (Definitely a low light!)

– I was actually quite happy when Brendon McCullum won the toss for New Zealand and decided to bowl first (especially after hearing that Alistair Cook was considering this same option himself, had he won the toss!). There’s nothing better than the first morning of a test match and your team walking out, together onto the field! And they’re definitely playing as a “together” team these days too, which is also a highlight for me as a loyal fan!

– Heckling the English supporters as they were draping their flags around the fence line before the start of play, was also fun – he he! But I did actually help one of them with his flag-raising, so I’m not all bad, really …

– New Zealand fielding 12 players throughout the day was also a fun point! Okay, so Mr Duck wasn’t quite as useful as first hoped, given that he kept running away when the ball was hit in his direction instead of throwing it back to BJ Watling at the stumps – ha ha! But it certainly livened up the day’s proceedings, especially when TV and radio commentators joined in on the fun 🙂 (Follow him and his story at @NewZealandDuck on twitter!)

New Zealand Duck fielding at backward point

New Zealand Duck fielding at backward point

– I’m definitely over the whole “4 More” song that the Barmy Army regale us with every time one of their batsmen hit a boundary scoring shot!  Heh heh – in fact, it’s still stuck in my head – grrrr!  I just hope the New Zealand bowlers can rest up well tonight so that they can come out firing tomorrow morning, take 8 more English wickets, and we won’t hear the song again in this match – hehe!

– The woman at the merchandise caravan remembering me from the test match against South Africa LAST March was a nice way to end my day at the Basin Reserve 🙂

– My last highlight was my coupon parking ticket STILL being attached to my motor scooter when I got back to it after the day’s play … and anyone of you who owns a motorcycle or scooter know exactly what I mean!  There’s literally not really anywhere you can secure a parking coupon so I was most pleased to find it still visible 🙂  (Always better to be safe, than sorry, and have your bike towed, you know!)


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