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My Test cricket holiday … continued!

on March 15, 2013

Day two of my test cricket holiday and it started back at the Basin Reserve again, at an early hour to ensure ease of access to the ground and seating selections!

Today’s highlights included:

  • Being the first in line for when the gates were opened at 9am!  A bonus highlight was one of the Ticketek crew coming round to inform us that “the gates would be opening shortly at 9, and they were just waiting … for the gates to open!”  It was good he was able to chuckle along with the rest of the English supporters (and myself!) in the queue at his unintentional gag!
  • Chatting with an English supporter from London while waiting in said queue, who is in the middle of five weeks off work to be here for the tour, about such things as favourite places he’s been on tour so far in New Zealand, Dunedin students, and the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom!
  • Saying hello to my new BFF, Peter, from Cricket Wellington 🙂
  • Chatting casually while watching the team warm-ups with visitors from England, including one gentleman who is a cricket umpire back in his home country who was diligently doing his homework while on tour (reading the laws and rules of cricket again!  He said he reads it before each season/tour and has read through it about 16 or 17 times already!)
  • Getting a prime view of the English team going through their warm-up drills …
The English play Statues!

The English play Statues!

  • The DJ for the Basin Reserve thinking he was in Dunedin and informing us (at 9.35) that play would be starting in approximately 25 minutes!  And then at 9.55, starting to play the regular “New Zealand” theme song but stopping it before too much harm was done (nice fade-out too, by the way 😉 ) 
  • Trent Boult getting the wicket of Jonathan Trott of his first delivery of the morning was a pretty fantastic, and important highlight!
  • Figuring out how to use my own cellphone and adjusting the brightness setting (so that I could see it more clearly in the bright Wellington sun!)
  • Applauding everytime a New Zealand fielder saved us from another rendition of “4 More!”  (On the bright side, hopefully we shouldn’t hear that all day tomorrow … )
  • Feeling for Brendon McCullum has he had to take evasive action from the ball during Bruce Martin’s overs …
... Brendon showing off his dancing skills!

… Brendon showing off his dancing skills!

  • Neil Wagner pulling off a stunner of a catch to dismiss Matt Prior!
  • Bowling England out for the second time in the test series was pretty fantastic!
  • Getting my twitter wish from the start of play fulfilled 🙂
Tweeted at 10.25am this morning!

Tweeted at 10.25am this morning!

  • Taking bets with my cricket-watching friend on when the empty bottle would fall from the full rubbish bin the event staff member was taking to be emptied … okay, so it had been a long day – ha ha!
  • And the best highlight of today … getting to see Kane Stuart Williamson batting, on his favourite ground!  🙂
More of the same on day three, please Nossy!

More of the same on day three, please Nossy!


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