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My test cricket holiday – day three!

on March 16, 2013

Day three of my holiday at the test cricket started in regular fashion – early rising to beat the English fans to the front of the queue for gate-opening at 9am … and in case you’re wondering why so early, if you’ve ever tried sitting on the blue terrace seating for a whole day at the cricket without the luxury of a wall to lean back against, you’ll understand why the back row of the terrace section at the Basin Reserve fills up fast!  😉  Hence the early starts!

Also I get to add several highlights to my day at the cricket … such as:

  • Saying hi to Tim Southee as he wanders past on his way to a net session before play.
  • Saying hi to BJ Watling and “Nice day for a century today, BJ?” to which he smiled and nodded in reply … Our plan almost worked too, BJ – 60 runs!  So close!!  And so well batted too 🙂
  • Remembering that I was asked for Tim Southee’s autograph for a cricketing friend and ambushing him (well, not really!) on his way back from the nets to get said autograph (Thanks Tim!)
Lunch time fun at the Basin!

Lunch time fun at the Basin!

  • Neil Wagner running up the steps beside me in the lunch break, but not wanting to distract him by saying hi for fear that he would fall flat on his face!  (Those steps are tricky at the best of times, let alone wearing batting pads and sprigs!)
  • Oh, a cricketing highlight – Brendon McCullum scoring 69 exciting runs … although, I was sad he couldn’t get the last few runs for a deserved century!
  • Fighting 100 run partnership between McCullum and Watling – was so good to watch!
  • Seeing Kane Williamson bat twice in one day … is that a highlight or a low-light?  Heh heh
  • NZ being only one wicket down at stumps on day 3, 134 runs behind England’s first innings score with the prospect of tired-out English bowlers and a 30-over old ball to face in the morning!  Go Kiwis!!!
Peter Fulton plays another strong stroke on his way to 41* overnight

Peter Fulton plays another strong stroke on his way to 41* overnight

I think my lips are sunburned, though *sad face*


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