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A soggy end to my test cricket holiday :(

on March 18, 2013
Courtesy of Cricinfo

Courtesy of Cricinfo

Yep, not a lot happened on day five of my cricketing holiday at the Basin Reserve today … the drought is well and truly broken; and New Zealand and England are tied 0-0 heading up to Auckland now for the deciding test match on Friday!

About the only highlights for me on this day were heading to the Basin when the rain finally stopped … and the game being officially abandoned 😦

Well, at least I had the opportunity to say thanks and good-bye to my favourite merchandise stand attendant, who knows me by sight now after a couple of seasons of test cricket at the ground – heh heh!

I also finally had the chance to say hi to Neil Wagner, as the team were loading their gear bags into the mini vans to take them back to the hotel (or straight on to the airport!) … told him to win the next test so England lost a rankings place – ha ha!

And the last word has to go to @DuckNewZealand who was drawn back to the hallowed turf, no doubt by the damp conditions underfoot and a few seagulls hanging around 😉

"Quack!"  Well, really ... what else would he say?! ;)

Well, really … what else would he say?! 😉


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