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The anticipation is building!

on May 14, 2013

Ross Taylor tweeted this picture this week:

(Photo courtesy of Ross Taylor)

(Photo courtesy of Ross Taylor)

… and all it succeeded in doing was make me feel even more excited for the next test instalment between England and our New Zealand Black Caps!

That, and make me wonder just how much of a zombie I’ll be at work during these next few weeks as I try and persuade myself to get some sleep while an exciting test match is taking place on the other side of the world!!

Being able to enjoy radio commentary (ah, back to the old days of cricket on the radio in the middle of the night!) of the two warm up matches the Black Caps played against Derbyshire, and the England Lions, has also, I believe, helped in increase the excitement and anticipation levels, knowing that our team are getting themselves some good match practice, and at various times over the few days of warm-up games, each of them have been able to either put in a decent batting innings, or put together a superb bowling spell 🙂

Is anyone else getting excited at the prospect of sleepless nights and entertaining test cricket starting from Thursday night this week in New Zealand?!!


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