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Keep your chin up, Black Caps!

on June 17, 2013

So our New Zealand Black Caps lost the lottery that was a 24-over “quarter final” against host country, England, in the early hours of this morning NZ time!

England v NZ, Cardiff, 16 June 2013 scorecard

All is not lost, of course, with a “no result” between Sri Lanka and Australia in the final round-robin match or alternatively, an unlikely Australia victory, sending our boys deservedly into the semi final stage 😉

For me, though, this tour of England, along with the Champions Trophy tournament, has been the form and skill shown by two key players for the future of the NZ cricket team …

Kane 'the Rock' Williamson!

Kane ‘the Rock’ Williamson!

Kane Williamson‘s batting innings today against some of the best One-Day bowlers in the world was solid and classy at the same time!

I make no secret of the fact that I enjoy watching Kane bat, but this is because he is technically so impressive and has a fine array of shots in his batting bag to unleash on any type of bowling.  And don’t forget, he doesn’t turn 23 till August!  Yet, he’s playing like a seasoned veteran of a hundred matches, let alone 40-odd!

His calmness and sense of the game situation is also something to be proud of … and I’ll never forget how calmly he completed this run-out during the encounter with Sri Lanka when, having accidentally knocked the bails off in gathering the ball from the outfield, he clinically showed us all how to complete a run-out under those circumstances!

Keep calm and complete the run out!

Keep calm and complete the run out!

It goes without saying for me that my other ‘highlight’ of the tour is one Mitchell John McClenaghan!

NZ's strike weapon!

NZ’s strike weapon!

Not only is he actually a genuinely nice guy … he’s also a pretty handy strike bowler, both at the start of an opponent’s batting innings and at the “death” overs!

I found myself actually hoping Brendon McCullum would win the toss of the coin just so New Zealand could bowl first over the course of this tournament, just cause I wanted to see such “aggressive and bouncy” bowling live and first hand … from the other side of the world 😉

He never disappointed either, and Mitchell on more than one occasion, took the ball and grabbed a vital wicket at a key time for the side.

And not that I’m hoping Ravindra Jadeja, James Anderson and Ryan McLaren bowl poorly for the remainder of the tournament … but I’m desperately hoping a New Zealander stays at the top of this table too:  Champions Trophy 2013 Most Wickets

Those were a couple of my highlights over the last few weeks – what were yours?


One response to “Keep your chin up, Black Caps!

  1. Brendon McCullum is New Zealand wicket keeper and captain is an aggressive batsman and known for his fast scoring rate.He was described as a player suited to Twenty20 cricket.He has the ability to play the Dilscoop.

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