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Right, that’s the warm-up out of the way …

on October 30, 2013

The New Zealand Black Caps opened their One-Day series with Bangladesh last night in the “cauldron” (as Danny Morrison called it) at Dhaka in Bangladesh.  Sadly, our boys came out on the wrong side of the winning ledger on this instance but before everyone starts panicking, this was just ONE game and its always good to get the loss out of the way first up anyway.

I’ve already read several posts online from fans calling for Brendon to resign (and goodness only knows what the whingers on talkback radio are saying today – haha!)  Let me just say, he did everything he could do as captain to organise his bowlers and arrange the fielders in the field to restrict the Bangladeshis in their brilliant batting performance last night and he isn’t in any way to blame for our bowlers losing their line and length, and letting the Bangladeshis put together such a match-winning partnership!   Some “fans” out there seem to forget that actually cricket involves TWO teams and the other team is trying just as hard to do everything on THEIR side right, so that they can win the game too.  You have to be able to applaud such good play when it happens too 😉

Also, some of our New Zealand players last night hadn’t just spent the last three weeks getting used to the conditions in Bangladesh (some of them hadn’t even played in the country at all before last night) and so this was their only “warm up” game and introduction to conditions in that country.  I don’t know what we “lesser” teams have to do these days to get fair draws and schedules (and even tours NOT occurring in the monsoon seasons of these countries!) so that we can have fair and reasonable conditions to play our cricket in too.

There was also lots to like about the first One-Day match , despite the loss:

Tim Southee’s comeback game after his injury concerns of the year and taking 3/34 off his 10 overs! If you watched any of his bowling, you would have to agree that there was a lot to like the look of for the season ahead in those 10 overs.

Well bowled, sir!

Well bowled, sir!

Also, Jimmy Neesham took 4/24 off his 9 overs that he bowled, once again showing that he is an allrounder for the future of this team! He may have bowled a couple of shocking deliveries in those 9 overs, as any bowler does, but he always came back in the next delivery, or over, and showed he was thinking to get back at the batsmen!

7 wickets, right there!

7 wickets, right there!

I reckon it was actually a really positive highlight that, despite the Bangladeshis putting on a superb fourth wicket partnership of more than 150 runs and looking like, at one stage, they were going to score in excess of 300 runs (which apparently is normal on that ground!), our New Zealand boys kept at it, and just kept bowling tightly to restrict their runrate and bring it right back to a score that would have been achievable … had Duckworth/Lewis not intervened!

I also loved how Grant Elliott stepped up, and into Kane Williamson’s shoes when Kane couldn’t bat due to injury. Grant did exactly what was expected of him, batting at 3, rotating the strike and playing the anchor role (which Kane normally does) and his score of 71 off 77 balls should not be forgotten either.

We love Grant!

We love Grant!

Corey Anderson also had a good start to his career, with another handy 46 runs off 31 balls. He was just undone by good bowling, which showed his inexperience, but it’s just his third match, guys; this just shows that, like Neesham, he’s a player for the future!

And the future is good!

Scorecard for 1st ODI: Bangladesh v New Zealand, 29 October 2013, Mirpur, Bangladesh


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