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I heart the Basin Reserve!

on December 1, 2013

As you probably know, I have had a few temporary contracts over the past year, with a time of unemployment and job-seeking between each one; I was asked, by a few different people actually, if I would consider moving to another city in order to find that perfect job … or just any job!

I actually did consider this on more than one occasion, but every time, the answer would come back as a resounding no!

And I’ve figured out the reason …

It will be really dumb for those who don’t understand … but for me, I don’t think I could live too far away from this place:


Like I said, if you don’t understand or enjoy cricket as much I do, I don’t really expect you to understand why I would feel this way; but there is no place better to spend Christmas and Summer holidays, lying on the green grass of the Embankment, or sitting back on the eastern Terraces, as you watch either First-Class or International cricket match being played out in front of you!

It’s also a fantastic place to sit and chat with friends, with the back-drop of a cricket match – sharing a coffee, or some other beverage that suits your lifestyle 😉

And speaking of Christmas, is there any better sight in world cricket than the Pohutukawa trees in full bloom, while a Test match is being played on the hallowed turf of the Basin Reserve?!

Nope, call me sentimental, or foolish, or whatever – I love my days spent at the Basin Reserve and couldn’t imagine ever living too far away!


Best Test match venue in the world!


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