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So what DO the media have against the Black Caps, anyway?!!

on July 5, 2014

Brendon McCullum and his team would be quite within their rights to think that the media, in particular the New Zealand media, seem to enjoy going out of their way to bring them down and NOT want them to have any success at all!

I mean, this week was a perfect example …

Our New Zealand cricket team are currently in the middle of a test tour of the West Indies and, especially judging by past results, this isn’t the easiest place in the world to tour, let alone adapt and work your skills to the conditions and, what is more, thrive in those conditions.

Which is exactly what our New Zealand Black Caps did!  They in fact were victorious in the 3-test series, 2 games to 1, and not only that, several key players proved to the world of cricket just how skilful they are!

The winners' spoils!

The winners’ spoils!

But of course, the very day this historical event occurred … somehow former international player, Lou Vincent, mysteriously records an interview for the news channels, in which he admits what we all knew anyway (unless you haven’t been keeping track of the match fixing scandal investigations around the world these days!) that he is in fact a cheat, and he took money to play badly in cricket matches.

I mean, we already knew this; why did the news channels have to hold on to this “breaking news” until the very day the national team succeed … WITHOUT cheating … and claim a piece of history?!

My suspicions were proved correct the next day when our local newspaper, The Dominion Post’s back page, which is traditionally the start of the Sports section of the paper, actually LEAD with the disappointing news and it almost felt like the New Zealand Black Caps’ success were an after-thought photograph after the “sensation” of the negativity came first:

Leading the headlines?

Leading the headlines?

I guess at least they had the decency to include a celebratory photograph of the successful test team, but the first thing you notice on that page, isn’t the success …

It’s almost like the media DON’T want the New Zealand Black Caps to succeed at all, for all the raining on their success and trying to push them out of the way, they do!

So my message for the media is … PLEASE do the New Zealand Black Caps the courtesy they deserve and once in a while, focus on the good they are going, and the success they are having; this “tall poppy syndrome” has gone on long enough, I feel!

Oh, and the New Zealand Black Caps are playing the first of the T20 Internationals against the West Indies tomorrow morning, NZ time; no doubt if they happen to lose that match, the media will be ALL over it!!!


One response to “So what DO the media have against the Black Caps, anyway?!!

  1. Carm says:

    That so sucks when the media rather show the bad news has big headlines then the good news that the team has done so well in sports. Doesn’t the media get it that people rather see good news then bad news all the time in the paper? I just don’t get it sometime with newspaper.s

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