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Could this year get any better?

It’s funny, you know; we go through day after day, week after week, thinking that all we are ever accomplishing is getting through each day at work before collapsing, exhausted, into bed each night … it’s not until you get to the end of a year that you realise just how much you have actually done with the days and the weeks and the months you have been given!

Like, if my year had finished in February, I would have been happy, after having the tremendous opportunity to meet my cricketing hero, Brendon McCullum, live and up close, as it were:

12 Feb - breakfast

(And for that moment, I have to once again thank the awesome people at NZ Cricket for giving me the chance to say what I wanted to say to Brendon!)   It was a dream come true!

But then, if my year had finished in February, I wouldn’t have fulfilled so many other dreams and wishes this year!

Like getting my motorcycle license!  Well, I’m still only on my “restricted” part of my motorcycle license, but it has meant trading up my 50cc scooter to a bigger 125cc model scooter too!

Out with the old …












And in with the new!

I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to attend a magnificent operatic performance from Paul Potts, and say hello to the man himself in person after the show!

I wouldn’t have been able to move houses, either, and find myself in a sun-shiney, warm, perfectly situated residential unit that is definitely worth paying $50 more rent a week for (especially when you compare it to my old, mouldy, dingy hole of a flat!)

I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see more of my country where I live, and in particular, enjoy wandering through the likes of Hagley Park in Christchurch!

Speaking of wandering through parks, I have had so many walks along beaches and through parks this year, that I have lost count!

If you’d told me at the start of the year that I would have the opportunity to meet my childhood TV hero in person, I would probably have laughed at you, too!

Never would I have ever dreamed that I would have had the chance (even though it cost me nearly all my savings – haha!) of meeting RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON, aka MacGyver, aka Brigadier General Jack O’Neill, in the flesh!!!

And what is more, getting the chance to have my picture taken with him:

My hero!!!

My hero!!!

Imagine – meeting my cricketing hero AND my childhood TV hero in the same year?!!  That seems like it’s impossible, and yet, this year it happened!!

I don’t have enough space to mention all the other fantastic things that happened to my life this year, either, along with more fantastic people that I have had the privilege of meeting … the likes of Neil Wagner for the New Zealand Black Caps, and Cliff Simon, also known as Ba’al from Stargate SG-1 fame … although I am left wondering, how the heck can 2015 top this year for awesomenessness!?!!

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