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It’s not okay …

on January 6, 2015

Why is it so okay in this day and age to run down and disrespect other people and places?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been enjoying some fabulous cricket from the New Zealand and Sri Lankan cricket teams as they battle in a two-test match series, in Christchurch and in Wellington.

Which means that I have had the absolute pleasure of being able to watch one test match live and in the flesh at my home ground, the world-renowned Basin Reserve, and I was privileged to be able to watch practically every moment of the test from the Hagley Oval in Christchurch on my TV set.

Which brings me to my observation for today …

How is it, that the Sky Sport commentary team were able to every day, it seemed, find every single opportunity to praise and speak glowingly about the Hagley Oval, and about Christchurch, and about the people of Christchurch, and then all the wonderful things that you can do in the Christchurch area …

And then, it’s like a switch was flicked as the test series moved to Wellington and suddenly they find every excuse and reason to degrade and disrespect the city and the people who live there!!

I would really love one or all of the commentary team to be able to comment below and explain this strange phenomenon to me, please!

I do realise that most of the commentary team for Sky Sports and the cricket now seem to be mostly based in Auckland, our largest city in New Zealand, so is it really just jealously that they don’t have such world-class venues and set-ups in their own city?  Or that they can’t entice their own people of Auckland along to all five days of a cricket test match?!  Surely it can’t be as simple as that, can it?

But at the end of the day, it’s still not good enough!

What gives anyone the right to run-down or disrespect or degrade anyone or anything in this life?

And then if you tell people that what they are saying is hurtful, we are just told to “suck it up” or “get over it; it was just a joke.”  Why is it so acceptable to “joke” at someone else’s expense and then expect them to not only say nothing in return, but to not be hurt by our words?  We often get told this by people living outside of Wellington … and yet, when their turn comes to host a major event, be it sporting or otherwise, we are often the first in line to congratulate them and to back them up in their preparations and enjoyment of the event; why does it not go both ways?

I am not expecting anything to change much today, sadly, as rain showers have been forecast in Wellington for the first time in about three weeks and look likely to disrupt the day’s play at the test match … but apparently it never rains anywhere else in the country, so once again, this will be a slight on this fine city of people who always go out of their way for other people, and who are always generous with their time and money to help others (one example of this was the “Fill the Basin” event we had a few years back to raise money when Christchurch was so devastatingly hit by earthquakes!)

Is there a clause somewhere in the Laws of New Zealand that says everyone must put down Wellington and all who reside in her, at every possible moment?!!


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