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The best part about having breakfast with the Black Caps …

on January 27, 2015

Well, okay, there’s probably number of reasons to be stoked to receive an invitation to a morning breakfast function with sponsors and other supporters of the New Zealand Black Caps …

Like the MC for the morning being the legendary Gavin Larsen.

Or seeing Shane Bond, Craig McMillan, Daniel Vettori and Kyle Mills walk in to join the gathering, and realising they are there to participate in the “question and answer” session!

Or, on the way out of the hotel, hold the lift for the other people waiting for it and realise that it’s Daniel Vettori and Kyle Mills heading towards you, to catch the same lift as you!!! (Seriously, have you ever stood beside those two? Talk about make me feel even MORE “petite” than I already am – haha!)

Or overhearing Kyle and Daniel on the way to their waiting transportation that they just had to wait for Craig McMillan to join them, and one of them suggesting he went back for more of the delicious bacon served at breakfast!

Actually, the best part about having breakfast with the Black Caps this morning was hearing Daniel Vettori say that the team isn’t even focussed on the upcoming World Cup just yet; there is still three one day international matches to be played (versus Sri Lanka and Pakistan) and everyone wants to win those well, and be in an even better state for the Cup!

And I love how Craig McMillan mentioned how the players always had something they wanted to work on, and improve themselves even further.

Just one of the many reasons to continue supporting and cheering for this team of cricketers; focussed, determined, and humble all at the same time.

They simply deserve to win and keep playing so well, because they are willing to keep working hard, and put in their best effort every time they take the field!

Oh and happy birthday Dan! Sorry I didn’t remember to tell you in person šŸ™‚


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