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Happiness breeds success …

on February 21, 2015

I know they say “success breeds happiness” but as I sat in the seats at the Wellington Regional Stadium yesterday, before the scheduled start of play in the Cricket World Cup match between New Zealand and England, our allocated seats gave us a privileged view as the two teams went through their warm-up routines on the field in front of us.

And I was able to observe the New Zealand Black Caps warming up with a riotous game of football … well, kind of football …

NZ Black Caps warm up before play

NZ Black Caps warm up before play

… and the sound of their banter and chat, and every so often, a burst of laughter, floated across the Stadium towards us.  I turned to my friend beside me and simply stated, “Happy team!”

In some ways, a happy sports team is brought about by that team getting winning results and maintaining them, but I think the opposite can also be true!  If you breed a happy environment and encourage and support the team mates to be who and what they can be, that brings about the success as well.

And a lot of the credit for our HAPPY cricket team at present has to be given to the coaching and captaincy styles from the likes of Mike Hesson and Brendon McCullum.  As well as the input and encouragement from Chris Donaldson, Shane Bond, Craig McMillan, Mike Sandle, Bruce Edgar and the others who work tirelessly behind the scenes of what goes on on the field and never seem to be noticed.

And so I say thank you to all of the abovenamed, as well as to the fifteen players in the playing team who are pushing and encouraging each other to be the best they can be … but also, to enjoy and make the most of every moment as they represent our country with pride and respect!

#backtheBlackCaps – heck, yes!!!  😀

We're all in this together!

We’re all in this together!


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