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And that was the Cricket World Cup for 2015 …

Wow!  What a ride, as they say!

The ICC Cricket World Cup is over and done for another four years, and Australia have duly been crowned world champions following their victory over the New Zealand Black Caps in the final on 29 March 2015!

Yes, you read that right – New Zealand qualified for the final of a World Cup for the first time in history, which shows just how fantastically our team of fifteen players performed!

But this was actually not the highlight of the tournament for me …

Nor actually was it the fact that our New Zealand Black Caps played through the round-robin games and quarter-final and semifinal, remaining unbeaten by all they came across (including beating the eventual title-winners, Australia, in their round-robin match-up in Auckland)!

My highlight wasn’t the brilliant swing bowling typified by our Black Caps, gloriously summed up in the Cup-record 7 wickets for 33 runs by Tim Southee against England in Wellington, and the 5 wickets for 27 runs by Trent Boult against Australia in Auckland!

It wasn’t even our impressive top-order batting unit who one by one, each match they played, stepped up and took our team through to victory.  Typified by Martin Guptill’s quite sensational historic 237 (not out) against the West Indies in Wellington in the quarter-final!

It wasn’t even again seeing the hard work of our fearless Captain, Brendon McCullum, moving bowlers and fielders about brazenly in order to get the breakthroughs required!

No, for me, the highlight of the ICC World Cup 2015 was having a New Zealand cricket team conduct themselves on, and off, the park with dignity, respect and humility … even when it was clear that they were the team to beat in the competition!

I know who I'd rather have on my side!

I know who I’d rather have on my side!

I have since read sad reports of the Australian crowds at the Final actually BOOING their own team members!  I mean, how sad is that, when your own countrymen and women can’t even cheer for you?!

New Zealand, you have every reason to be proud and satisfied with how this team of cricketers played for you at this tournament!  They may not have won the coveted title (but let’s be fair, this was their first chance at a Final occasion, and many teams couldn’t even get this far!) but they “won” many, many new fans and supporters around the world because of the way they went about their jobs!

Keep your heads held high, New Zealand Black Caps; New Zealand is proud of you and how you competed on the world stage!

29 Mar - proud

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