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Why I love the Basin Reserve …

As I drove past the Basin Reserve Cricket Ground in Wellington (several times, in fact) at the weekend, I couldn’t help but feel sad that there are people in this country who have no appreciation for just what we have in our city.

I mean, aside from the obvious fact that the Basin Reserve is a top-class world-renowned Test cricket venue, where I personally have been privileged to witness many classic and historical cricket moments through the years …

The Basin Reserve in itself is also a rather stunning open Park, which the general population of the city have the privilege to enjoy for no cost to them.

27 Sep - Basin 2Many times I have wanted to go for a walk at the weekend, and decided to start my ventures from the Basin Reserve. As I walk through the stylish new wrought iron gates of the CS Dempster or JR Reid gates, I have often been greeted by many other people taking the chance to wander around the ground themselves. Just the other weekend, a family group were enjoying a fun game of backyard cricket on the lush outfield of the arena – it was so great to see!  But you are also greeted by the sight if people relaxing around on the splendid grass embankments.  I often think to myself how blessed we are in this city that we have such a beautiful and peaceful location to just sit and enjoy life for a time!

Latterly, I have also been really enjoying keeping an eye on various renovations and changes that have been taking place at the Basin Reserve.  Apart from the obvious pitch and ground preparations which always take place before the start of every new season, it has been fascinating to watch as the old Groundsman’s Cottage has been transformed into a well-appointed and necessary Groundsman’s Garage and Cottage in which the many pieces of equipment necessary for a curator of a cricket ground to complete his tasks, can be readily housed. Not to forget that the new “deck” area on top of the Garage in front of the Cottage gives a superb vantage point to oversea the entire ground … and keep an eye on the cricket action!  Tickets to the Groundsman’s Stand anyone?!

Work on the redevelopment of the Groundsman's facilities is looking good!

Work on the redevelopment of the Groundsman’s facilities is looking good!

The view from the vantage point of the Groundsman's Stand!

The view from the vantage point of the Groundsman’s Stand!

27 Sep - Basin 5

I haven’t even mentioned the NZ Cricket Museum, competently curated by Jamie Bell, which currently has a brilliant exhibition that you can stand out in the open air and sunshine to read about, in the “On a Foreign Field” display.  If you haven’t read all about the lives and achievements of eleven New Zealand cricketers “who went from heroes on the cricket field to heroes on the battlefield,” you really should pay the Basin Reserve a visit the next sunny Saturday we have!

The Basin Reserve - part of New Zealand Cricket history forever!

The Basin Reserve – part of New Zealand Cricket history forever!

I made up my mind that I was going to save up so that I could purchase a Cricket Wellington membership ticket this year … and I am so glad I did, because there is nothing better than having access to such a brilliant and beautiful landmark in the Basin Reserve!

27 Sep - Basin banner

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