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Is it possible to care too much?!

on October 20, 2015

Is it possible to care TOO much about a sports team, or about a sport that you love so much?

I have found myself asking this question a lot lately, particularly lately.  For example, I have been looking forward for SO long for the now-upon-us New Zealand Black Caps’ test tour of Australia, wishing more than ten times (a day!) that I was wealthy enough to be able to follow the team around each of the test venues for the tour, just so that I can drink in the atmosphere and match experience in person!

Is that too much?

Or actually making myself physically sick over the last couple of weeks, hearing stories out of London, and reading daily summary reports from that trial that is currently in process; I even had to talk to a couple of the guys at work about it last week, I was actually getting so anxious and upset at what this all means for this sport of cricket, not to mention this team that I seem to care about TOO much …

Am I caring too much?

Maybe I should really just take a step back, and try and find some other interests to take up my time and mind …

I don’t think I can though; especially when our New Zealand Black Caps play with such determination, and skill, and brilliant attitude – how can anybody not care about that?!

Needless to say, I think I’ll definitely be reaching my data cap on my smart phone over the next few weeks, and finding ways to follow the scoreboards as much as possible as our national cricket team goes up against one of the best cricket teams in the world, if not, the best at the moment.  It’s going to be such a fantastic tour, I reckon, but am I caring too much about it, and this team?!


5 responses to “Is it possible to care too much?!

  1. Miriam says:

    I have been really looking forward to the Summer of Cricket, too and quite upset about missing some games over Xmas and New Years when I am away in the United States. I will definitely be following the proceedings online. I have also been very upset over the court proceedings in England. CC was one of my heroes throughout my 20s and 30s. What a huge letdown for himself and (most unfortunately) a blight on NZ cricket. We’re very lucky to have such fine characters in the rest of the team and management who have risen above all of it.

  2. Linda Watling says:

    Hi Jess

    I am enjoying being a member of your page and I can absolutely relate to how you feel. I am BJ’s mum and so wish I could win Lotto and travel the world and be at the games! I would particularly love to be at the Adelaide game to be a part of the history making! Never mind – I will enjoy watching it on TV even though it means sleepless nights and a poor class of kids with a very tired teacher – they are sooooo understanding and get quite involved with me.

    I am really sad re THE London trial – broke my heart when our beloved Hansie was exposed and always thought NZ would never be a part of it …. sadly that is now not the case I fear. Thankfully there are now all sorts of strategies in place so I very much doubt this will continue to be an issue for our Black Caps. This case must surely bring home the fact that NO-ONE is above the law!! Enjoy the test series – bring it home boys!!!

  3. callindobhair says:

    I think when events that you have no control over are making you ill that’s caring too much

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