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Ronan Keating has the Time of his Life in Wellington!

on November 7, 2016

I had been keenly looking forward to Ronan Keating’s visit to Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre since the tour dates were announced several months ago, and this weekend, my anticipation was finally satiated as Ronan brought his Time of my Life world tour to Auckland first, and then Wellington for two nights.

Not even a slight delay between the warm-up set from support act, Ciaran McMeekin in order for Ronan and the band to be able to enjoy the annual Sky Show fireworks display in the adjacent harbour could dampen my spirits, and the band was soon rocking into the opening number, Time of my Life.


Although at times the vocals were lost within the sound mix of the instruments, the extensive setlist was a journey through the last 23-plus years of Ronan’s life in music.  From the ever-popular Lovin’ Each Day, to the poignancy of Landslide and Breathe, there was something for everyone to enjoy (although perhaps not the gentleman beside me who had clearly been dragged along by his more-of-a-fan wife – heh heh!)

Snippet from Ronan singing “Breathe”

Of course it was also entertaining to be treated to stories and anecdotes which Ronan shared with the audience along the journey through the concert, including joining him “in his kitchen” for a brief break-down set of songs, including a tin whistle solo which Ronan was impressed that after 67 concerts across the world since August, the only audiences that applauded the tin whistle were the New Zealand audiences!


The “break down” set in which Ronan invited us into his kitchen where he wrote a lot of his latest album, Time of my Life

Of course, the biggest crowd favourite, When You Say Nothing At All, towards the end of the show, brought everyone to their feet with delight, and from there, the concert finished with a crescendo, through Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl and Life is a Rollercoaster.

After a brief pause in which Ronan and the band left the stage after the “fake last song,” and the audience continued to applaud, chant and clap, the band reappeared and, to the delight (and probably annoyance of the two Cantabrians I was seated beside!), Ronan emerged again wearing a signed Hurricanes rugby jersey and holding the Super Rugby trophy aloft (the Wellington based team, the Hurricanes, were the winners of this rugby tournament this year).


Ronan went on to thank members of the Hurricanes’ team for making his song, When you say nothing at all, so popular this year after he visited with them when their visits to Sydney, Australia coincided earlier this year, before signing off the show with the always-meaningful One More Song, and The Long Goodbye … in which Ronan seemed to promise that he would be coming back to Wellington again soon!

We’ll hold you to that, Ronan, but thanks for making the trip this year and for sharing your music and your story with us in New Zealand again; you make the world smile and that’s what is needed right now!

Short snippet of my favourite song, If Tomorrow Never Comes


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