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Album review

After not blogging in months, I thought I’d make my big come-back with a cursory review of Michael W Smith’s latest album, named Wonder.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, MWS is a huge favourite singer/songwriter of mine – his songs and albums are always just so full of hope and encouragement for me.  Take one of the songs on the new album, called “One more time.”  The chorus goes:

This is what you’re made for
Standing in the downpour
Knowing that the sun will shine
Forget what lies behind you
Heaven walks beside you
You got to give it one more try

In my words, never, ever give up trying to achieve what you want to in life and one day the sun is going to shine down on your hopes and dreams!

Well, that’s a thought I like to cling to through the tough days anyway …


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