My corner of the oval

… thoughts from a Kiwi cricket fan

Happy new year!

Yeah, I know, it’s already February, but some of us are a bit slow with these things! Haha

I for one, anyway, am hoping this “new” year is a lot better than the last year and I can finally achieve some of the things I want to happen for me in my life.  My first goal is to find a place I can call my own (although I, of course, won’t be buying it so it won’t really be my own!) but there comes a time in a singleton’s life when one gets sick of “flatting” and just wants to be able to have their own place and own stuff around them.  Do you agree, or am I by myself in this want?!

I hope that anybody reading this also has the best year of their life so far, and 2011 is full of success, enjoyment and fun!


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